BSNL Employee Search Help

This search can be performed to get the details of BSNL Employees.
Note: Either Name or Designation is required.
City is a mandatory field.

Field References for BSNL Employee Search

Field Name Field Description
Name: Enter the name of the BSNL employee whose details have to be searched for. For example, Rajesh Gupta.
Designation: This is a drop down list which consists of designations in BSNL . Select the designation of the person to be searched for. For example, S.D.E.
City: Enter the first two characters of the City in which search is to be performed. A list containing matching cities appears. For example, typing 'bh' will provide list of cities such as bhopal. Select the required city from the list.
Search Button: Click this button to get the search results.
Reset Button: Click this button to clear all the details that have been entered in this page.